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Media Player Stays Open

(Topic created: 01-28-2024 12:23 PM)
Cosmic Ray
Galaxy Watch

Part 1 of issue seems to be resolved by Pandora on the Note 20 Ultra.


After closing Pandora (only music player I use), media/music player remains open on Galaxy Watch6, 40mm BT.


Sometimes it'll stay open with Pandora showing, but most often it goes from Pandora to the default media player (I only have random voice recordings). This ends up causing a pretty heavy battery drain. In addition to "Sleep Cycle" (suggested by Samsung Health) always running, I end up having to charge my Watch6 almost everyday. Sleep is an important metric for me, so being worried about how long I sleep because I risk waking up to my watch being dead, this causes a lot of extra anxiety and frustration.

However, this causes another problem. If I don't manually open Pandora on my Note 20 Ultra and let it start playing, or let Android Auto automatically open Pandora, and instead just press play on my Watch6 it will play from the default media (playing local/internally stored media only) instead of Pandora, even when Pandora shows on the watch face (but it's closed on the phone).


If that doesn't make sense, let me know.

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