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Problems with watch 6

(Topic created: 11-05-2023 11:41 AM)
Marta Stojcic
Galaxy Watch

I have a problem with Samsung watch 6. Since my phone was updated to the ui 6 version, the interface and all applications are half in the native language and half in English, and the native language is selected. Since then, I have a problem with the watch as well.

In the phone book, the watch shows all contacts by name, but in the call log it does not recognize all contacts and only throws out numbers as if they were not saved in the phone book. When someone calls me, it also shows only the number but not the name as the person is entered in the phone book. Another problem is that it doesn't show me all messages from the phone, but only conversations with the last 4 people, everything older than that is deleted by the watch itself.

The third problem is that in the option for SOS, calls in emergency cases, it does not show all contacts from phone book, so I can only select some contacts and not anyone from the directory.

Also, even though the native language is selected on the watch, the watch still shows me everything in English. I reset the clock, but these problems were not solved.

Samsung fix that.

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Galaxy Watch

Just bought the Galaxy Watch 6. The watch will not show my contact of who is texting or calling. I made sure I read through all the available "fixes" Like checking the permissions, I even reset the watch and it is still not showing me caller ID or the contact of the person who I have saved in my phone. This is VERY frustrating.