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Samsung Galaxy watch 6 classic is not showing notices since pairing Galaxy buds 2 pro

(Topic created: 01-25-2024 12:03 PM)
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I own a Samsung Galaxy 22s phone, and a Watch 6 Classic and Buds 2 pro.  The watch was installed first and a year later the ear buds.  Watch was working perfectly with respect to notices now it is not.  In fact, when I go to the Wearable app Buds2 Pro pops up and if they are securely put away does not connect; otherwise, it will connect.  So that is working correctly.  The problem is when I hit the three vertical lines to show the managed devices Watch6 Classic is grayed out.  When I tap on the grayed out watch area the app attempts to connect and says loading but never does.  In fact, I must hit close all apps to get it out of its death spin.

Bluetooth is on.  

What could be going wrong?  Why are notices not showing?

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have you tried unpairing your watch from your phone and starting over? it will reset your watch, but you should have an automatic backup from Smart Switch that you will be prompted to use. btw, I have the same setup as you do.