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HW-Q67 series regarding initializing more channels separate two Soundbars in home

(Topic created: 01-28-2023 03:16 AM)
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I have a couple of HWQ67 model Soundbars. A couple of issues that are really a game killer. First, I have a HWQ67CT in one room, and a HWQ67CT in another room of my home. When I play sound though the HWQ67 Soundbar it plays sound through the HWQ67CT rear speakers through the wireless module connecting the rear speakers, which are in another room. When the wireless unit is initialized, can I initialize it with another number to isolate the wireless frequency to only that unit . How can I choose the number initialization number for each Soundbar. Like 1 the other unit 2. Thanx. Second issue I am working on trying to fix the issue of the Sound dropping out. I have the two HWQ67 soundbars, and each of those is connected to their own 2022 Sony OLED TV. The sound drops occur on the Samsung HWQ67CT and the other is the Samsung HWQ67CB. They have the high speed high quality HDMI cables. I am still looking for fixes and have tried many found in these support forums. If I still can't fix the issue I will report back. THis post keeps kicking back saying I am writing htm too many forum issues just trying to post text.




















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