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HW-T400 firmware update failure

(Topic created: 05-20-2021 10:48 AM)
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I bought a new 55" Samsung TV and the HW-T400 soundbar to go with it.

It works great except for the untenable "auto-off" feature. If you are watching TV, hit pause and go and do something, then come back after 18 minutes, it has turned itself off and I am now getting the TV speaker sound. I am connected via Bluetooth.

I had this exact same issue with another Samsung soundbar and a firmware update resolved the issue totally.

There is a firmware update available for my new soundbar, but it will absolutely not update itself using the provided instructions. I have used 3 different USB sticks and formatted them to FAT32. I have tried so many different things in an effort to get this update installed. The USB sticks work when I add mp3 files and plug them into the sound bar.

Is it actually possible to update this firmware? Has anyone succeeded? Will it fix my auto off problem? Samsung suggests I take it in to where I bought it but there's a stay at home order and I ordered it online. I have a 30 day return window. 

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