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Soundbar and R1 speaker

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I have been trying to get a R1 speaker to play with the TV soundbar with no luck. Tried using Samsung Multiroom and setting up a group but still will only play one or the other. I have a Samsung K950 soundbar and a Samsung 8 series 65 inch curved TV. Been on the phone for hours with Samsung trying to get it to work...was told by them it would before I bought the two R1 speakers. Any help would be great! Thanks. 


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Im not sure you can set up Surround sound with only one R1 and your soundbar. Samsung is of  little help with these surround issues. 

I have a series 9 curved TV with a Samsung Soundbar and two R1s. I usually use the Multiroom App to set up the array. One time I was actually able to set up surround with the TV by going to the Speaker menu  and getting all three speakers to connect, but that was only once. Last time I had to use the Multiroom app again.

All my speakers are wireless so before anything works I have to go to the TV and look at the additional settings in the Sound menu to insure the soundbar is there. The TV is supposed to detect the speakers via bluetooth. 

My speakers, and I believe its mostly the soundbar,  drops out frequently. It may be my WiFi network, who knows. I then have to go through the process of connecting all the speakers again. Ugh!

Don't know if you solved your issue yet, but thought I'd throw in an answer.