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TV and Soundbar lost connection overnight please help!!

(Topic created on: 4/27/21 12:47 PM)
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I owe a Vizio M Series M55Q7H1 Tv and have had a Samsung HW-q70t connected to it for about 2 months with no problems. A Xbox one s and a Roku streaming stick plus are also connected via hdmi 1 and 3 as the eARC port is hdmi2 which the soundbar is plugged into. I was receiving eARC connection, Dolby atoms was working, rear speakers were working and then about a week ago i turn it off for bed all routine and the next morning i no longer get eARC to display on the sound bar. I tried power cycling everything, changing out HDMI cables, unplugging the Xbox and Roku. I have gotten it connect again a couple time only for it to stop working again after its powered down. no setting were ever changed prior to losing connecting, i factory reset the tv and tried new settings did work. I have plugged the q70t soundbar to a different tv using HDMI ARC and it worked, the TV was not eARC compatible. Plugged an older soundbar into the Vizio TV via ARC as the soundbar was not eARC compatible both worked on different equipment. But once hooking them back together eARC was not established and the input on the soundbar holds D.IN. Anyone experience this or know what could be causing this. I can understand if a different device connected to the tv could cause it but why would another soundbar work at that point?

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