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Samsung Odyssey G7 32" black flashing only a part of screen(picture)

(Topic created on: 1/26/21 1:07 PM)
Monitors and Memory

This side of my whole screen is flashing "transparent" black, it flash very fast, but only that side that is on the picture. I tried changing DP cabel to one that works on my other monitor, no luck there. I just got this monitor home, very disappointed with this flashing, everything else works fine, just some problem to calibrate the settings. But I guess I get use to the new colours and contrast.

What can be wrong? Is it defect? It blinks/flash once then it can take a minute to blink again, but then it blinks 3 times in shorter time. It is very annoying for the eyes.
I have Intel i7 9700k, 16 GB RAM, RTX 2070, SSD, Win10 home, latest nvidia drivers.

I hope you guys understand me, english not my first language.


fireware version> 1009.3




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