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Samsung Music app fails to import a m3u playlist correctly

(Topic created: 01-22-2023 01:21 AM)
Cosmic Ray
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I use a Windows application called MusicBee on my windows PC to transfer my (offline) music and create m3u playlists to all my media devices including my new Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra.

Though, I am new to using the Samsung Music app, it does look very easy to use. So after transferring my music and m3u playlists to my Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra everything looked okay.

But then after closely browsing my individual playlists I found a bug. It seems that the Samsung Music app doesn't strictly obey the m3u playlist file paths when it imports songs that may have identical filenames for the name of the track.

Let me give you an example. I have the following two playlists:

Chicano Music
Tropical Music

Each of these two playlists have a track that is named the same, but is performed by two different artists:

Santana - Oye Como Va
Tito Puente - Oye Como Va

Well the issue is that it wrongly placed the Tito Puente version on the Chicano Music playlist. Where it should only be placed under the Tropical Music playlist. Though it did place it correctly to the latter playlist, but the Santana version was not in the correct playlist.

It did this also to other similar named tracks in other playlists I have. You see, I like listening to cover versions of the same tracks, so of course the name of those tracks will be named the same as the official versions and vise versa.

Here is the m3u playlist example on how the path for the track is listed under the Chicano Music playlist:

\Music\Santana\Oye Como Va.mp3

And here is the m3u playlist example on how the path for the track is listed under the Tropical Music playlist:

\Music\Tito Puente\Oye Como Va.mp3

So as you can see above both the mp3 filenames are identically named. The only difference is that they are found under a different artist -- and of course they are musically different versions.

FYI: my mp3 music is copied to the \Music\ folder on my phone and also the m3u playlists are copied to the \Playlist\ folder.

I don't know why Samsung Music app can't follow strictly the m3u playlist file path to fetch and list the correct track to the playlist?!

Maybe it's trying to guess the track the playlist is referring to and while quicky scanning the Music folder it then selects the first one it finds or etc.?! I dunno?!

So is this a bug? Or am I doing something wrong? 

Please note that on my other media devices (pads, phones, portable media players, and etc.) I don't have this problem. The same m3u playlists are being correctly read and tracks are listed in their correct playlists. Plus none of these other media devices are made by Samsung and I am not using Samsung Music app to import my playlists on any of them. And I've been doing/using this application (MusicBee) successfully for several years with all my other media devices.

And here is a screenshot of the version of the Samsung Music app I am using:


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