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New phone/account and old hub

(Topic created: 10-03-2020 07:29 AM)
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I have a smarthings hub v3 with several devices set up under and older email address.  It all worked on my moto z3 phone.  I then bought a samsung galaxy watch and it was set up with my new email address.  Shortly after I moved to a Samsung S20 utra phone.  The app is installed on the new phone however it logged in as the new email address.  So now I can see my galaxy watch in the Smartthings app but the hub and all the devices are not there since the are attached to the old email address.  How do  I get the moved over to the new one?  Luckily I still have the old phone so my lights still work and I can access it from there for now.  I am hesitant to delete from the old app since I did that previous and in the end bought a new v3 hub (had v2) after it got completely locked up.  

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Hey there! 

@userSxmeXr0peK, thanks for reaching out with assistance with your concerns.

You could add the new email address as a Member of the Location tied to your old email address that has the v3 Hub and devices.

Alternatively, I would reach out to Smartthings for further assistance with possibly syncing your accounts.

You can contact them for US support below:

Smart Things – 1-866-813-2404


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