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Horrible customer service samsung you should be ashamed

(Topic created: 08-13-2021 05:18 PM)

i shipped a Samsung 6 lite tablet,(which i bought during Christmas) to Samsung on June 27th to be
repaired under its 1 year warranty. I was sent a message on June 30 that it had been recieved by Samsung
and that repairs would take , on average, about 7 days . the next message i recieved was on July 16th
telling me the repairs on my tablet were completed and that it was going to be shipped. normally they
text you a tracking number but i never recieved one so i waited about a week to call the customer
service number.

the first day i was put on hold for 28 min while someone tried to figure out where my tablet was.
i un-fortunately had to go back to work but i figured after 28 min i was forgotten or they were just poor
at customer service. i called after work and found out my device was in the repair center and that they
were closed so i would have to call back another day.I called on the weekend (sat) was told they weren't
open till Monday, called Monday and no one could tell me where my tablet was. i asked for a supervisor
who was able to locate my tablet but didn't know why it was never sent out, at this time i was concerned
about why such a big company was having such a hard time with a simple repair,
the supervisor was nice and told me she didn't have a answer for me as to why the delay with my tablet
but she would research the issues and would text me or leave me a phone message. the next day she left
both. she told me it would be 3 or 4 days to get a response from the repair center and to call in a week
(which now puts us at the beginning part of August) . i wanted to wait to see how long this repair
would take and didn't hear back from anyone till august 13th sending me a tracking number and telling me
the repair had been done.
i called the customer service number again and talked to a supervisor to voice my displeasure of how
a tablet that was repaired on July 16th takes 1 months to ship.The supervisor had no answer for me
as she couldn't figure out as to why either. The question i had for her was simple, i mentioned to her
that i was going to fill out a survey on the customer service of her company and if she were me what
would she put?she told me she understood and asked if there was something she could do to make it
better. i told her i wanted to be compensated something for my time. (i jokingly mentioned a snow-cone from the circus ) she tole me to hold on and she would check her boss to see if there was anything
they could offer.

She returned with " i was told your issue doesn't require compensation"

I own 2 Samsung tvs ( 27 inch and a 60 inch) ,Im currently using a Samsung galaxy 10 s and have
owned galaxy phones from the galaxy 3 s ,my kids and family have or currently own Samsung phones(s21) and devices (earbuds,ect...)

the Giant that Samsung is as a company and this is the customer service they think their
customers deserve

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Cosmic Ray

You are not alone. I had same experience, although I contacted them daily for a week to get mine sent back. In that week I heard a dozen different stories that didn't make any sense. The fourth or fifth day of wanting to know where it was and why it had not shipped was when they began asking for the balance due. There should have been no balance as it was under warranty and original email stating repairs were done mentioned nothing of any balance. When I finally got it back the work it was sent in for was not done, the work they initially claimed I owed for was not done and the tablet was in worse shape than when I sent it in. They supposedly performed an emergency software recovery that was not needed as it worked fine when sent to them to fix the display coming unglued from their failed installation from previous main board repair. So I got it back and had to install firmware to get the tablet working again. Still with a loose display that was said to have been replaced, and even claimed I owed for because there was a scratch that was user inflicted damage when the repair was theirs anyway. I guess next will be to start the fight with them to be reimbursed for having a local shop fix what they couldn't. So, yeah, their service **bleep**.