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SPen as a Mouse πŸ–± Feature Request

(Topic created: 03-22-2023 01:04 PM)
Cosmic Ray
So I completely replaced my PC and upgraded to an S8+ Tablet. 

There are some features that I miss and I am afraid some websites won't recognize fingers or spen as a mouse.

Example when it comes to editing my website with wix editor I need to have it in desktop view to use the editor (that's okay I just switch the setting)
Then I need a mouse :computer_mouse:
In order to click drag and organize my pages

I am surprised that I would not do that with basic finger input and when I try the spen it's the same. 

I'm curious how many other web hosting editors need this function. 

So it would be an awesome feature if my little spen could be read as a mouse in Samsung dex and can right or left click with the button. 

I noticed someone made an app back when samsung note 10 was new.

Thanks for reading
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This sounds cool.