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ANNOYING optimization ANY time phone restarts

(Topic created: 09-15-2023 02:33 PM)
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Basically, exactly what the subject says. Not just when there is an update. Anytime the phone restarts so I avoid restart keeping it charged however, if I let my ADD take over, I don't get to my cord quick enough & it dies, obviously it happens again. It doesn't say which apps it's optimizing but I have noticed apps I keep on restricted battery mode will sometimes go back to optimized which for me, I have a massive issue with. We spend so much money on these phones and should have the right to determine how and when these apps do and don't do whatever they're going to do. It rarely use my phone  for anything important so I am seriously considering cancelling service & trashing the phone. It has cosmetic issues I've procrastinated having repaired so trashing it would not be an issue. A few SERIOUS blows to it with a hammer & it'd be done and dusted.


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The optimization of apps upon restart is a good thing. This reindexes all apps on the device and ensures that they operate as expected. Before this auto optimization, sometimes there would be fatal system errors when people recurrently allowed their device to reach 0%. This prevents that sort of thing from happening. 🙂