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Did screen protector or charger cause overheating and green screen?

(Topic created: 04-07-2024 03:59 PM)
Galaxy Note Phones

Hi everyone,

I bought a used note 20 ultra 5G phone some time ago and it was running smooth. One day i applied UV tampered glass on it and later bought a 45W super fast charger. After 2-3 hours, i put that on charging and got busy in work. After an hour, i was passing by my phone where i noted the screen was on and all green and shade and flickering. There was an error, "cover your sensor".

I covered the light sensor area, unpluged. The charger was hot but the phone was extremely hot. I did everything written on internet but it didn't resolve. The phone was getting hot whenever screen is on and it had green tint and flickering.

I visited repair shop and the guy said, display strip will be chagrd since it's got damaged due to UV screen protector. He changed the strip and the phone is running fine now.

Now, I wanted to ask if that was really due to that screen protector or was it the charger? Should i use that charger again and keep using my 15w charger instead?

Does any has any knowledge about it? Please guide.

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