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Using Note 20 with Two Different Carriers?

(Topic created: 02-24-2024 06:50 AM)
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I have a SM-N986U that I am currently using with a physical SIM (personal) and an eSIM (work). Both are on Verizon. I have confirmed multiple times that both SIM and eSIM IMEI are unlocked with Verizon. I can't change the work carrier, but I'm tired of paying Verizon so much each month for very little use. I'm trying to use MVNO to save some money. I started with US Mobile.

When I insert the new physical US Mobile SIM (which is on the T-Mobile network), I see bars connecting but get the message that the phone cannot activate on a new network. I have confirmed that the SIM works in two different phones (a Galaxy A51 and iPhone 11), but I cannot get it to go live on the Note 20. The eSIM connecting to Verizon still works fine.

Over the weekend, I changed the CSC from VZW to TMO and to XAA to see if that had anything to do with it. With TMO active, the new SIM still wouldn't activate, but I could connect with the existing eSIM. With XAA active, the new SIM wouldn't activate, and the eSIM wasn't available. It didn't look like dual-SIM was a feature supported by the XAA software. I'm back on VZW now. I've cleared my network settings multiple times. I've spent hours talking to Verizon and to US Mobile with no luck.

Has anyone gotten dual SIM to work with this phone? With two different carriers?

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@hamish2 It sounds like it may be a carrier locked device on Verizon. Have you contacted Verizon about unlocking it?