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When phone unlocks, takes me to the last page I used

(Topic created: 03-15-2023 01:23 PM)
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I have the S20 FE and I am wondering if there's a way to fix this issue. When the screen is off, I tap on the screen and then unlock with my fingerprint.

When the screen unlocks, it doesn't take me to the home screen, it takes me to the last page of apps that I was on. So, if I was on the 2nd page of the home screen, it doesn't automatically open to the main home screen, I have to swipe left. I would like to set this so that when I unlock my phone that it goes directly to the home screen, with my clock widget and Google widget etc... On there. I keep accidentally opening the wrong apps.

Can this be done? Thanks


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Community Manager
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Hi uservhPTG7uP5f, and welcome to the Community. Unfortunately, such a thing is not possible, as it always defaults to the last app or screen used. However, I have tagged your feedback for visibility so it may be considered in the future!