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I am in a trap between Samsung and AGS

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QLED and The Frame TVs

I placed an order for a the Frame Tv 65 inch on September 26. On 30th, receive one email at noon saying the order has shipped with estimated delivery on October 18, but after after few hours later received another email saying the order is delivered.

Chat with Samsung many time, all Samsung customer service ask me call AGS, I called AGS and they said Samsung have not arranged  to pick the item up so the item is not shipped or delivery.

I received an email from AGS on October 26:

Good Afternoon,

Thanks for sharing your concerns on our phone call today.  I will follow up with Samsung today on the following items:

  1.        AGS has not received your shipment from Samsung.
  2.        Your shipment is showing as “delivered”, but has not at this point.
  3.        I will have a representative from Samsung Contact you about your shipment.


Michael Short |National Account Manager O: 800-645-8300

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Today is October 28, and I have not received the TV, please help me? 


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QLED and The Frame TVs

Hello, I apologize for the issue with the television order and would like for you to send a private message to better understand and assist with this matter. Please use this link to proceed: https://bit.ly/3p4UuiW

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QLED and The Frame TVs

Hi, I am also in the same trap. I ordered my TV on 24th Nov and initial estimated delivery was 2nd Dec. I did not receive my TV till date and every time I called Samsung CC representative they say TV is with AGS and AGS say order created but TV is still with Samsung. This is really pathetic, company like Samsung doesn't have good mechanism to track the shipment. I was asked to call AGS and conference with Samsung representative. I did called AGS and conference both parties,  AGS told with Samsung representative that the order is still with Samsung. Even after this information Samsung is struggling to resolve this issue. I never saw support like this with any company. My Tv is still not received and as a customer I am facing the pain reaching out to multiple parties. Please help

QLED and The Frame TVs


I also ordered a TV "85 inch" in  Early Dec 2021.It arrived at the AGS San Diego. AGS stated they did not ship to my area( 60 miles from their location & AGS Recording states the ship world wide) AGS lied to us about the Delivery  several time. TV arrived 4 weeks later. There was a problem with the TV we have to Send it back and re order.

We Reordered the TV. The Delivery  at AGS March 14th 9:55am. Samsung sends a delivery email for March 15th 9am-1pm. TV Never Arrives. Called AGS " your TV will be picked up tonight and delivered by the  17th.  Called the 16th " AGS States the TV was picked up " Call the 17th  and AGS States they TV was not picked up and they do not delivery to my Area. Called Samsung they call AGS and are told it will be delivered. Never happened, Been going back and forth with Samsung and AGS everyday.  No TV As of 3/24/22.

The Problem :

Samsung direct Contracts with AGS ( AGS who claims on their Recording while you wait, " they  ship direct to anywhere") What AGS is doing is Subcontracting with other Companies  (Like XPO ) to get the lowest bid for Delivery. That is why it is taking so long.  Which is not what AGS should be doing. Samsung should not be allowing this. Samsung is accountable for the actions of AGS ,because they have a contract  with them to direct ship. AGS should be fined every time they received inventory and have not Delivered within 48 hours. or pull their contract with them. 

Instead Samsung   states with will escalate, which means nothing. They have been escalating this since March the 15th - with no results -