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QN90A Can't connect to 2.1 HDMI switch properly

(Topic created: 01-11-2023 11:52 PM)
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I own a 50" QN90A TV that I use for a monitor and television to game on. I have now tried 3 different 1-in-3 out 2.1 HDMI splitters from Amazon. I have a personal computer, work computer and PS5 that I use regularly. Because I want everything in 4K 120 hz, the output HDMI goes to the single 4k 120 hz input on the TV (This model has 1 hdmi 2.1 port, and 3 x 2.0? HDMI ports). Typically the TV recognizes each computer with about 5-10 seconds delay, sometimes I think it is faster. It is when it switches to the PS5 (using button on device or remote) that it can take over a minute. Sometimes the gray oval loading screen on the TV spins for awhile, then the blue "Check the Device Power" appears. After about 30 seconds it switches to the blue "HDMI Cable: No Signal" screen. Usually when it hits that stage it takes 5 or so more seconds to switch to the PS5, at which point 50% of the time it is successful. The other 50% of the time it will switch back to the "Check the Device Power" screen and never make it to the PS5 feed. At that point I either turn the TV or splitter on and off and after enough tries it switches to the PS5. I will also add again that it does switch to both laptops successfully, but with minor lag. I have checked all 4 HDMI cables and when they are connected directly to the TV from each device, and they work perfectly. It is almost as if the TV is using some "smart" software to choose what kind of picture mode to put it in. It is extremely frustrating that it doesn't just switch the stream without "thinking" about changing how the picture is displayed. If it were 3 mechanical outlets for HDMI, I assume there would be no disturbance.

Has anyone else had this issue?

If I cannot switch input devices seamlessly through the one HDMI 2.1 port, then it really lowers the value of this machine. The 3 amazon HDMI splitters I have tried are below:


Is there anything I am not thinking of? Thank you!

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QLED and The Frame TVs
Honestly, the ports on the TV were meant to handle one device at a time. I'd look into getting a receiver and plugging everything into it then plugging it into the TV via the ARC connection.