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The Fold4 should be normal size when unfolded

(Topic created: 05-18-2022 11:53 AM)
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I want throw my 2 cents on the next z fold 4 make the phone normal phone size when folded up and call it the pro series..... The ratios for the screens are all messed up... on the smaller screens everything is compact and you can't see what is going on. Also this phone needs the stylus included with it like the Note  ..... I currently have the fold 3 and I wish I would have never gotten it......thanks for your time


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I do agree with you that the S-Pen will make the most sense if it's built in, like the Note... or now the S Ultra... devices. I love the S-Pen support with the Fold3, but to be honest, I almost never use it, since it's never around when I might need it. I still have my Fold3, but now use the S22 Ultra as my daily driver because the built-in S-Pen just makes a more complete experience. However, your other point, I'm not sure if I agree. I kind of like the compact and slim design of the Fold when closed. The small outside screen is not as easy to use in some cases, sure, but at the same time, the phone just sits so nicely in my hand. When making actual pone calls, it reminds of the good ol' days of slimmer bar phones we used to have, or even the cordless home phones... I mean, it actually feels like a "phone", is that makes sense. Surprisingly, I don't have any issues texting with the slim Fold3 screen, and overall, I think it's easier to handle with one hand. I do think, though, it would be awesome if they gave both options. Say a device similar to what we have now and call it Fold4 (although some leaks indicate that it might have a wider screen, but still likely not as wide as your typical smartphone), and a larger, even wider Fold4 Ultra ("Pro" is kind of an Apple thing, and Samsung of course uses "Ultra" for their top of the line devices). That would be the best case scenario.

My personal Fold4 wishlist is:

- Slimmer bezels (looks like it might be coming)

- Larger internal screen if possible, but not much larger when closed.

- A Camera as good as the S22 Ultra (probably a stretch, but it's a wishlist, so I want it)

- A battery life as good or even better than the S22 Ultra (same as above)

- A Built-In S-Pen with added support on the external display (IMO it's a must-have feature in 2022)

- No crease (it's not a big issue for me, but seeing how the competition can do it, Samsung should be able to as well) 

- No Gap when closed. Also, same as above. Some Chinese competitors can do it already.

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