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Bluetooth broken after recent update

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Hi Samsung,

After your recent Android update, the Bluetooth is broken. I tested it on multiple devices with the same result. Apparently, when the Bluetooth connects it dials a call to some number and then doesn't disconnect even when I keep trying to disconnect it.

It happened with BOSE bluetooth speaker and one more device. It has never happened before. 


Please look into it and issue the fix ASAP.

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Try this. Settings>General management>Reset>Reset network settings. Mind you, this clears all Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connections/settings and you will have to reestablish them afterward. If that doesn't work, with the phone powered off, press + hold power and volume up buttons until the Samsung logo disappears. Using volume keys, highlight Wipe cache partition and then power to select and confirm. Returning to the previous menu, use volume to navigate to Repair apps and then power again to select and confirm if necessary. This will reindex all apps on the phone.
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Hopefully it works for OP