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The Frame Unknown HDMI

(Topic created: 03-15-2023 05:12 PM)
QLED and The Frame

I have a 2021 65-inch The Frame TV. I just finally got a brand Xbox Series S and wanted to hook it up. The TV recognizes that there is a powered HDMI device connected, but ultimately says the device is Unknown and has no signal. The TV has the latest 2111 firmware. I tried other HDMI devices and cables and different ports with the same issue. I even bought a brand new One Connect box and it had the same issue. 

When I plugged in the new One Connect box it already had my wifi and other settings in place so I image the TV itself stores this. 

Are there any suggestions? Is there a way to hard reset the TV? Does it need a new One Connect cable? 

Please help!







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QLED and The Frame

You say NO device plugged to HDMI is recognized or viewable, is that right? You are currently only using the built-in apps of the TV? If the TV responds to the plug-in, then it is talking to the One Connect box so I believe that and its cable must be fine.

Try a factory reset. You will have to start-over from scratch to reassert Wi-Fi and etc.