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PowerBot No Longer runs on carpet

(Topic created: 12-07-2021 01:26 PM)
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I have a 7060 and it recently developed a thing where it won't run on carpet. When it comes across thresholds it treats them as barriers, and if I place the unit directly on a carpeted surface it just keeps backing up in fits and starts in circles until it tentatively finds a way off the carpet. It works perfectly on tile and linoleum.


I have made sure the two optical sensors an the bottom are cleared - not sure what else to do.

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Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator
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Hello, I understand how this may be cause for concern have you tried the following below? 


  1. Make sure the POWERbot is not stuck.

    Obstacles like cords and other furniture could create a situation where the POWERbot gets stuck. You'll need to organize or wall off these areas to prevent the POWERbot from getting stuck there in the future.

    If a high pile carpet or floor is slippery, it may take a long time for the POWERbot to get off of the carpet.

  2. Confirm the drive wheels are clear.

    If fabric or string get caught up in the wheels, turn off the emergency switch and remove the fabric or string.

    If after cleaning the wheels and starting the cycle again, you confirm the wheels are not operating properly and spinning correctly, visit the Support Center to request service.

  3. Check for an error code.

    If the POWERbot is stopped but still has power, it will either be because it was instructed to stop, or has an error code.

  4. Verify the POWERbot didn't stop for a valid reason.

    In addition to the previous steps, the following will cause the POWERbot to stop:

    • After a Spot Clean Cycle (applicable models only) the POWERbot will stop and await further input.
    • When set to Manual mode, the POWERbot will not move unless directed.
    • The POWERbot will not move after it has been picked up until it receives further input.

    For these situations, the POWERbot has lost track of its progress:

    • If you tell it to return to the docking station, it will follow a wall to find it instead of head directly there. After 30 minutes of trying (10 minutes on some models), it will stop again.
    • If you tell it to clean again, it will not resume the cycle, and instead start a new one.

    The exception is the 9350 model, which has a location recognition feature, and will try three times to resume a cycle if placed close to where the cycle was interrupted. If location recognition fails, it will start a new cycle instead.

  5. Check that the POWERbot still has charge.

    If you were away when the POWERbot stopped and the battery is completely drained by the time you find it, this may prevent you from figuring out why the POWERbot didn't make it back to the docking station.

    To prevent the need for service, we recommend to supervise the POWERbot the next time it runs a cycle (after you have put it on the docking station to recharge) to help identify the cause of the issue more specifically.

    If needed, see our guides for POWERbot will not turn on or POWERbot will not charge.

  6. Make sure the POWERbot can find the docking station.

    If the POWERbot is not in the same room as the docking station, or if it has lost the docking station's location, it will move along a wall until it detects the docking station again. During this time the Obstacle Sensor is less sensitive and the POWERbot may bump into obstacles more often. This is normal.

    If you stand between the POWERbot and the docking station, it will block the IR signal.

    If the POWERbot has trouble finding the docking station, perform the following:

    1. Verify the docking station is plugged into a working outlet.
    2. Remove any obstacles around the docking station and make sure it is in a good location.
    3. Clean the charging pins on the docking station and on the POWERbot.

If the troubleshooting steps did not help above then this will require service, you have a couple of options based on your warranty. 

- If your device was recently purchased, you can check with your retailer on their return/exchange processes.
- If you have an extended warranty you can reach out to them to have service processed. 
- If you're within the one year warranty, you can Private message me or one of our moderators to have service processed
- If you're OUT of warranty, for depot type products (Soundbars, Home Theater Systems, tablets, ect.) that require to be shipped we recommend you speak with our depot team for pricing and to have the service set up: 1-310-669-4334.

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