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Trouble adding eSim to S20+

(Topic created: 03-12-2023 10:29 PM)
Galaxy S20

Having the worst time right now trying to add the Orange Holiday Zen eSim to my S20+.

Tried 3 different eSim QR codes. Keeps getting error messages.
The first attept to scan and install the ESim yield"Code isn't valid" 
2nd attempt with a new QR code was promising as the code was downloaded to 100%. But then I got a "Download Interrupted. Check your network and download your mobile plan again" message.
3rd attempt just did not even allow for the QR code to be downloaded, got the message "Can't add eSim bc too many failed attempts have been made to add it."
I'm at my wits in here. I'm leaving for Europe in 2 days. 


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