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SJ55W Screen Resolution

(Topic created: 01-27-2023 07:15 PM)
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I have an out of warranty SJ44W monitor (Model: LS34J550WQNXZA) that was working fine until yesterday. The screen works fine at 3440x1440 but if I try to change it to any other resolution, most of the screen is either scrambled or black. 

In games, any resolution is fine, as long as it is in windowed mode. If I change it to Full Screen mode, it's scrambled. Along with this, the jog button does not work at all anymore. 

I've also confirmed it is the monitor, by trying it with other devices. 

Anyone have any remote idea what this is or if it's fixable? Could it have been a power surge?

Photo for reference:

monitor 1.jpg

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Monitors and Memory
What does it look like if you unplug everything from the monitor except the power cable and turn it on?