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Firmware 1602 breaks brightness settings when returning from art mode

(Topic created: 11-27-2023 05:17 PM)
Cosmic Ray
QLED and The Frame

2022 frame 75 inch and 55 inch having the same issue. 


When the TV is in art mode and is turned back on from a CEC event (Chromecast or Xbox turning on) the brightness does not actually show to reflect the TV brightness settings. Every time the TV turns on I have to go into the picture setup and adjust the brightness settings by 1 value in any direction and they'll return to what they are actually set to. This is hard to describe, but if brightness is at 20 after turning on from art mode in a dark room, the TV appears to be at what I could best describe as actually 0, when the brightness is adjusted even by 1 it snaps back to what the value is actually set to. This means that whenever I turn my TV on, I need to open the brightness settings and turn the brightness down 1 and then back up 1 and it will be at the actual value set on the TV. This is newly broken with the 1602 firmware. Do I have something configured wrong or is this just another poorly tested firmware update? 

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QLED and The Frame

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YouTube Samsung Frame Ambient Light Sensor:

I am unsure if this is applicable to your particular model of Samsung Frame Television. Please check the video and see if this helps you with the issue.


Please contact Samsung Customer Care: 1-800-SAMSUNG

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QLED and The Frame

I have the same exact issue with two Frame TVs I have, both the 65” and 75” are doing this. When woken from art mode the brightness is still dim as it was in art mode. I have to manually go to settings, Picture and adjust the brightness by 1 value and the actual set brightness then adjusts itself.

I called Samsung support and didn’t get an answer and was told to just wait until the next update. 
SAMSUNG HELP! I thought Samsung was the best TV maker but maybe I was wrong?

QLED and The Frame

Yeah, I'm having the exact same issue (55" LS03B, also firmware 1602). It's obviously a software defect and very frustrating that it hasn't been fixed yet. And frankly, based on my experience with Samsung I wouldn't be surprised if they never fix it.


I regret buying this TV. 

QLED and The Frame

Has anyone been in contact directly with Samsung and been able to resolve this?  I worked with Samsung support via chat several weeks ago, followed all of the restart and reset to factory setting suggestions they had, but the issue is unresolved.

QLED and The Frame

Hello everybody it seems Samsung released a new firmware 1603.1 update !! check in support page or upgrade by ota


link conversation about bug with 1602 firmware  


Screenshot firmware usa  2024-02-19 103037.png