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Manually exiting Dex without keyboard

(Topic created: 03-31-2023 05:19 PM)

Call me stupid. But I think it should be more obvious on how to exit Dex mode. I kept trying to look at the quick settings on the lower right side corner since I ENTERED Dex through quick settings or whatever it's called by swiping down on the notifications bar. I was even in the Dex section in settings. Turns out when you bring up the app drawer, it's in very small letters in the lower left in between two other options. And yes I know there's automatic and manual ways to do it relating to the type cover keyboard. Again, call me stupid if you didn't have this problem. It pertains to Dex mode without keyboard on Tab S7 in one ui 5.1 Thanks! 

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For some reason Samsung made changes to the DeX Quick Panel including removing the  Settings and DeX Off from the Taskbar with One UI 5.0

I've worked around Settings by Pinning the Settings icon to my Taskbar.  I don't worry about tuning DeX Off both because it's really easy to open the app drawer and turn it off and because I never actually turn it off since my Tab S8U runs 24/7 with DeX on  my external monitor. 

I'd prefer the Quick Panel was as it was before as well



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