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Turn off Drag & Drop feature in My Files and Gallery Note 10+

(Topic created: 06-03-2024 12:57 PM)
Galaxy Note Phones
Is there a way to turn off the drag & drop feature in the My Files app and the Samsung Gallery app? (Android 11)

I never use this and hate it. I keep getting draggable thumbnails with no way to cancel/stop them from moving/copying to some other location. I tried putting the phone to lock screen, thinking it would cancel the action. Then realized it hadn't and I don't know what got copied where most of the time.

When it happens on the SD card, that's easy to figure out and fix. But not so much in Internal Storage when the Pictures folder gets dropped on the Pictures folder and no indication of what happened or what copied. Whereas SD shows me the duplicate folders and displays the newest at the top of sort—how I figure out which ones were effected.

My pics are messed up, like multiple pics are "stuck" together. There's discrepancies between My Files and the gallery. Tried moving a pic, only to have the image and date different than in gallery. If I view a pic (effected by drag drop issue) from My Files, then fav it...it somehow "unsticks" and shows up again in the gallery
It's a nightmare having to sort through and move them now.

I want to prevent this from happening again. There's no lock or ability to enter a password before any action like moving/copying/deleting. I would like to disable the drag & drop feature altogether. Is there a way? Thanks.

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