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Sending multiple pictures via text

Hello All, 

I have an S20 ultra and my carrier is AT&T. What setting will allow me to send multiple pictures at once via text by breaking up the text messages? Every time I send pics, the phone will only allow 2 to 3 pics to be sent at a time. Then I have to start over with attaching etc. I want to be able to select 20 photos, set up a text message once, hit send and the message be split into the appropriate number of text messages based on picture size. This is annoying.

Any suggestions?


Re: Sending multiple pictures via text

Yea thats normal SMS/MMS operations. You can use other Texting apps that help. But bottom line, unless you're using Google message or the default Samsung message app and sending them to someone else who has the Samsung message app or Google message app or something with advanced messaging the pictures are going to look terrible and any video you send will be almost unviewable. Used stuff like Facebook messenger or Whatsapp to send tons of pictures are video of better quality. 


iPhones are able to do it because if you send iPhone to iPhone that use Imessenger and is not compatible with android. 


Until all the carriers upgrade to RCS standards and everybody updates their text messaging apps to use RCS, we're stuck with a hodgepodge of SMS MMS texting standards.