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Timer not showing when "View timer "is pressed

(Topic created: 03-30-2023 03:45 AM)
Galaxy S21
"Hey Google, set timer 15 min"  
Press: view timers. " App not installed..."?? It is and has always worked until last google update last week. 
App does start timer and I can go view it and it will be running..just that button is doing something else now.

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Galaxy S21

I recently noticed the same issue. I am wondering or trying to figure out which app it is looking for and if it wants me to install a new app from the app store. Please post if you find a solution and I will do the same. I don't think it is a Google update as I rolled back Play services and the Google app and it still did not help. I am at the Mar 1 security level. My guess is something with the latest system update together with Google.