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Visual Voicemail either non-existent mailbox or incorrect PW

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Galaxy S23
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Visual Voicemail either non-existent mailbox or incorrect password

Device: Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra 
Carrier: AT&T


Allow all required permissions in Visual Voicemail app settings.

1. Go to Settings
2. Scroll down to Apps
3. Scroll down to select Visual Voicemail 
4. Select Permissions 
5. Allow all required permissions. (FOR EXAMPLE: On my Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, I checked All permissions by selecting the 3 dots on the top right corner, selected " All Permissions", saw all permissions, top arrowed back <-, scrolled down to the "Not Allowed" section, selected "Microphone", then selected
"Allow while using the app".)
6. Open Visual Voicemail app. 
7. Test Visual Voicemail by Refreshing and/or having someone leave you a voicemail message.
8. Change password if you like.
9. Visual Voicemail is working again!!!
10. Have a cup of tea, or coffee; or, drink a beer, wine, or champagne to celebrate. 😊
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