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Example of what the Watch 3 could have been

(Topic created on: 2/25/21 6:51 PM)
Cosmic Ray
Galaxy Watch

Its still so hard for me to remember that these are the same Galaxy Watch 3. Before on the left is what your hard earned money gets you. After on the right, is what this watch could have really looked like for the money.

A much nicer wrist bracelet, a silverish chrome like casing protector, and a bezel ring really makes this watch pop. A CLASSIC watchface doesnt hurt its appeal either.

make your "Classic" watches actually look classic....seriously. the compliments I get off this watch is insane and more so because no one at first glance even notices that its a smart watch.

and thats what we want samsung....a CLASSIC looking smartwatch that actually looks like a classic time piece with decent classic time piece watch faces.



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