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S90C HDMI CEC Frustrarion

(Topic created: 05-07-2024 12:02 PM)
Can we please get a software update to these TVs that changes the CEC requirement for eARC??? Part of the technical specification for eARC divorces it from needing CEC in order to function. But Samsung TVs still want to force CEC to be enabled in order to use eARC. Problem with that is that Samsung's CEC implementation is incredibly buggy. It forces my AV receiver to switch inputs on its own after my Harmony remote runs through whatever activity I select to power everything on and switch inputs. So, for example, if I start the "play PS5" activity, TV and AVR power on and all inputs are set correctly. Then, a few seconds later, the TV will trigger the AVR to switch inputs to the blu ray input. I've determined this to be the TV at fault by testing with CEC enabled or disabled on different devices and as soon as CEC is turned off on the TV it all works correctly. But then I lose eARC. 😡😡😡
PLEASE push some sort of update that either fixes this buggy CEC behavior OR an update that allows eARC to be enabled regardless of CEC status AS IT SHOULD BE
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