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Games compatible for 32: 9 ultrawide screens (CHG90 / CRG90 / Odyssey G9 ...)

(Topic created on: 3/10/21 11:50 PM)
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I am writing this post in order to present to you a small project which aims to list the games compatible with the "super ultra wide" aspect ratio 32: 9 and to present them in video. At the moment, I have been able to publish more than 900 gameplay videos using FPS, RTS, MMO, SIMULATION, AAA, indie games,... All my tests are carried out on the Samsung CHG90.

Here is the link to the channel -> Youtube

Some Gameplay here

And here is my list in spreadsheet format to find your way around more easily -> LIST 32:9 COMPATIBLE GAMES

Hoping that this will help the community of users of this type of screens because there is not enough video content for this type of screens.

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