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Smartthings HUB upgrade - now acting up

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I had an older SmartThings Hub V2 and upgraded to the Current Smartthings HUB. I used the transition to switch the hub routine and it worked well and fast. BUT now:

1. my Segled Zigbee bulbs are constantly disconnecting and going offline.  I have tried to delete and install but  still the same problem.

2. The worst is that most of my lights will automatically go ON without any routine that would of  turned them on.  

I checked the routines and nothing is turning them on. I do have some that turns on specific lights only.  I have tried everything but randomly it will turn on 8 lights.  Any thoughts?

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Community Manager
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Hello there, Welcome to the community! Because there are so many variables to consider, we recommend that you submit your query in our Smart Things forum, detailing what products are being utilized, including their model numbers, and what the general end objective is, so that our experts can investigate further. https://community.smartthings.com/  Additionally, you're welcome to contact the Smart Things Team at, 1-866-813-2404 or by email at support@smartthings.com.

We will leave the thread open in the event any of the Members are able to provide some insight.