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Samsung un55ks8000 vertical screen lines

(Topic created: 08-18-2022 11:29 PM)
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So this tv was purchased about 5 years ago, and has been hanging on the wall since, about 3 months ago the tv began showing ghosting images and small lines, then one day I turned it on and all I got was constant vertical lines of multiple different colors, and I navigate with the remote I see the lines orientate and the colors change, but no icons come about nor do the tv controls even show up on screen, it’s completely unusable! 
move read many articles on this same tv and they all have the same input on the same issue, this needs to be resolved, or at least provided an extension on the warranty.

i have dozens of customers I’ve sold these same tvs to over the years and I’m not looking forward to having to tell them they need a new tv because Samsung won’t fix theirs. We’ve spend some pretty Pennie’s on these tvs, not planning to have to whip out a ton more on a new one a few years later due to defective manufacturing or unreasonable customer service.

if other people can get approved on out of warranties for this tv everyone should! That’s outrageous and poor representation for the company. I am very displeased and will be until this inconvenience is resolved.

id prefer a Sony over these tvs at this point, and I don’t like working at all with Sony tvs nowadays. But at least they’re decent on the own devices and take pride in their manufacturing.

maybe I’ll just stick to the lgs, after this Samsung stunt that may just be the case

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