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SmartTag2 SmartButton works only randomly

(Topic created: 06-10-2024 02:44 AM)
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Hi dear Community,

I recently got a SmartTag2.

I like the option to use the SmartTag button to control your smart home devices.

In my case I set the button to switching my lights on/off.

When setting it up, everything worked perfectly.
However, afterwards it works only sporadically.

Sometimes, when I press the button, I get 3 beeps in an ascending pitch, which is repeated 3 times.

I have no idea what it means but I assume that it cannot connect to my phone.

For example, when my phone is in airplane mode, I get these beeps as it cant connect - and that makes sense. But I also get it when I am not in airplane mode.

Maybe it has something to do with the Samsung SmartThings App? Sometimes I have to open it for the tag to somehow reconnect (quite annoying to do this).

And sometimes, I get the beep that everything should work (two short beeps), but nothing happens.


My first question - is there any manual that gives an explanation to what the different beeps mean?
Actual question - how do I need to set up phone/smartthings app/ smarttag to optimally work?




P.S. Bonus information: when I get these three beeps, I also cannot connect to the tag via my phone = cannot locate it, cannot make it ring. However, the "Find my Phone" option (pressing the button twice) always works for me, strangely.

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