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We, the Moderators, would like to formally welcome you to Samsung’s Community!!! Samsung Loves to hear feedback, and does our best to provide the best customer service experience possible! We hope that you’re able to utilize our Samsung Community to fulfill most, if not all, of your Samsung needs. We hope The Community can be your greatest resource to use should you encounter any trouble with one of your products. Feel free to look around, take it all in, and if you have any questions about The Community, feel free to ask one of our moderators! We’re always here for you!



Where do I post?

Our Community is broken up into different sections. We have taken the liberty to break up each section here click on the board name to find more information about each board



What’s acceptable? 

Please make sure to follow our guidelines when posting, and to get the best experience make sure you’re posting in the proper area!


Please note that as this is a US based forum, we can only support US models. If you are from or got your device in another country, please contact your local support team for assistance.

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