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[OFFICIAL] Samsung Community Updates: learn more about the exciting changes!

Samsung Dusty
Samsung Employee

Hello Everyone!

Over the past several months we have been working to bring exciting new features and programs to the community that we're thrilled to announce today

Our goal this year is to make the Samsung Community a place that offers our members more opportunities to grow, connect with peers, and build your brand and reputation. To achieve that, in the following weeks we’ll be introducing….


  • New Community Badges
  • Re-launched Samsung Ambassadors (now with ranks, points, and badges!)


New Community Badges 

Our new badges will now look slightly different than the current line-up of badges. You’ll notice that the colors and styles have evolved to better communicate the accolades and milestones you have earned throughout your career here in the community. You’ll keep all the badges you’ve already earned. In addition to the existing badges we’re introducing new types of badges:


Onboarding Badges: these badges start at the beginning of your journey and you gain these badges as you complete specific tasks and challenges in the community.


Activity Badges: granted to community members based on completion of basic community actions. (Example: create a new topic, give or receive a like, gain accepted solutions, and many more activities and feats. 


Milestone Badges: awarded to the members who achieve multiple badges in different categories. (Example: 20 solutions, 20 likes, 20 topics published to gain a Milestone badge.)

Stay tuned for more badges being added throughout 2022 and beyond!

Click here for more information about badges.


Community Ranking

Ranks are a community-wide textual element labeling the level achieved by a member by meeting specific requirements. You will see other member ranks under their user handle and they identify how much that member has contributed to the community. 


What are the Community ranks?

 All Community members have a rank displayed next to their name, for example, Astronaut, Galaxy, Comet, Constellation etc. The ranks indicate if someone is relatively new to the Community (Astronaut), or if the person has been an active Community member for a long time, authored multiple solutions, received recognition from other members by earning "likes", and visits the community regularly. 


Though we don’t want to put the full requirements on public display to avoid any gaming of the system, we do understand that it can be helpful to your community journey to have an intimate understanding of how this all works


Progressing through the ranking ladder is based on an -all-time - combination of different actions to determine just how you stack against your fellow community members. Some of those actions include:


  • Adding a Like to a post to show that member how valuable and helpful you believe their submission is to the community.
  • Creating new insightful and helpful topics that lead to engaging conversations.
  • Replying to a post that ultimately resolves a member’s issue (Accepted Solution)
  • Visiting the community regularly to review new updates from your community team and other members. 


Of course this list doesn’t expose all of the machinery that runs the ranking progression system, but this should give you a peek into how you as a member can continue to grow and make a name for yourself here on the Samsung Community.


Rank Progression Through Activity


Level 1 - Start of your journey. This is your time to learn the ropes, have conversations with fellow Samsung enthusiasts, and build your profile. Stay active and you will steadily climb the ladder.


Level 2 and beyond - as you advance to the higher tiered ranks, the level of contribution necessary becomes more challenging. Here you should expect to create responses that are accepted as solutions, receive recognition by creating valuable and engaging posts, and visit the community regularly. 


Relaunching Samsung Ambassadors, the Samsung advocacy program!


The Samsung Ambassador program will be changing. This program is for you if you want to:

  • Get access to exclusive events and educational content
  • Connect with other advanced users of Samsung
  • Build your brand and reputation as the leading Samsung expert
  • Be featured in Samsung content and share your Samsung success stories
  • Help others understand what’s possible with Samsung by speaking at events, taking reference calls, and writing blog posts 
  • Have fun with a group of like-minded individuals who love Samsung as much as you do.


To participate, be sure to visit the Samsung community daily for new updates, earn badges, help others resolve common problems, receive recognition from your fellow Samsung experts, and continue your steady climb up the ranking ladder to earn your spot in the Samsung Ambassador program! 




If you have any questions about these changes and new features, please feel free to ask your questions below and join the conversation! 


We hope you are as excited about these updates as we are!