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Ideas for filmmaking and videographers

(Topic created: 09-23-2022 10:35 AM)
Samsung, I have two ideas to one up Apple and win over prosumer content creatoes and amature videographers:
1. Work with the gimble manufacturers (DJI, ZHIYUN, Manfrotto, etc) to add support to their prosumer product lines (RONIN, CRANE, etc) to to control the camera (switching between cameras, zooming, selecting focus point, ISO, white balance, camera modes, etc) from within the Samsung Camera app and the Samsung RAW camera app. 

2. Allow the camera view to be streamed to a secondary display in real-time. To initiate the stream there could be a setting in the sending camera app. For the receiving device you may need to develop a new app. It would be cool if you could also control the camera on the sending device using. Technologies that could be uses to "pair" the two devices: WIFI, NFC, UWB. The first two would allow backwards compatibility with a wider range of devices. The last would allow higher bandwidth and create a unique marking point for new devices and the technology. 
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