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A detailed list of bugs and inconsistencies that I found in One UI 6 Beta 1

(Topic created: 08-16-2023 12:42 AM)
Hello, I have just enrolled for the One UI 6 Beta on my Galaxy S23, and upon first startup, I immediately noticed some bugs. This was to be expected, though, this is the first beta. I'd like Samsung to be aware of these and hope for them to be fixed in future builds.
This list is going to be long, so I've split them up into categories. I'll also attach some images for some of the bugs.

Lock screen and always on display
  • Swiping up from the very bottom of the screen to exit the quick panel menu on the lock screen causes visual glitching, and opens the "enter pin/password" menu when released
  • Swiping to open the pin/password menu is slightly laggy
  • Tapping the clock to open lock screen widgets is slow and bugged
  • Media player widget looks inconsistent with the other lock screen widgets
Media player isn't transparent and isn't the same color as the other widgets.
  • Exiting out of the lock screen widgets menu is sometimes buggy
  • While the lock screen is in landscape mode, when swiping on the corner shortcuts, the black indicators aren't scaled properly and don't show their icons while swiping
Swiping on the lock screen camera shortcut while in landscape mode. The indicator doesn't scale properly when switching to landscape.
  • When in the lock screen customization menu, you are now able to move the clock around, however, saving the position is broken
  • When changing the wallpaper, the fingerprint icon color won't change
  • Saving the lock screen after customizing it is sometimes laggy
  • When tapping on the power menu icon in the quick panel while on lock screen, the quick panel immediately closes and the power menu appears (there is no smooth transition between the two)
  • Tapping and holding on the lock screen to open the customization menu is sometimes laggy
  • The fade-in transition effect when turning the screen on is sometimes laggy
  • When always on display is enabled, the transition between turning the screen on and off is sometimes laggy, especially when you wake the phone while the clock is moving
  • When on the always on display, double tapping the clock and then swiping doesn't open the lock screen widgets menu anymore (did this get removed?)
  • After double tapping the clock on the always on display to reveal the settings button, double tapping anywhere else won't wake the phone until the settings button disappears
  • Opening the camera from the lock screen shortcut is sometimes slow
  • When using the camera while the phone is locked, after tapping the image icon in the bottom left corner next to the shutter button, you are not able to swipe downwards to go back to the camera, you can only swipe down when the phone is unlocked, which is kind of annoying and inconsistent
  • The transition for unlocking the phone is sometimes buggy
Home screen and navigation
  • UI is glitchy and sometimes laggy
  • Touch inputs sometimes don't register
  • Swiping up using gesture swipe navigation to go to the main home screen or open the recent apps menu has no bounce effect animation anymore
  • Swiping to the left to access Google Discover/Samsung News is very laggy and can cause a lot of glitches
  • Back swipe gesture is used even though it's not needed on the home screen
Back swipe gesture is not needed on the home screen. This must be a bug, as it wasn't present on One UI 5.1.
  • Animation for opening apps is sometimes slow
  • Animation for rotating the screen is sometimes slow and buggy
  • Animation for opening the app drawer is buggy
  • When dragging an app from the app drawer or adding a new widget to the home screen, the "cancel" option at the top is glitched

The "cancel" option at the top is glitched.
  • Animation for opening the Finder is slow
  • Animation for opening and quickly closing an app or a folder is buggy
  • Animation for opening the recent apps menu is laggy, especially when using swipe gestures
  • Rotation animation in the recent apps menu isn't as smooth as before
  • Animation for closing an app is stuttery
  • Animation for removing/uninstalling an app is gone and can even glitch sometimes
  • Animation for dragging an app or widget is bugged
  • Animation for placing an app or widget after dragging it is glitched
  • Closing an app using swipe gestures will cause some touch interactions with the app, usually when you swipe or finger left or right while exiting the app, which causes the app to scroll in that direction. An example of this is when you swipe to exit an app while the keyboard is present, the keyboard swipe typing will be in use as you're swiping to exit the app. Another example is when you close an app such as Instagram, swiping to exit the app will cause it to go to from the app's home page to either the app's camera/messages page, all while the software's gesture animation is playing. This bug also causes the app drawer to be opened sometimes when using swipe gestures to open the recent apps menu, and sometimes causes the back swipe gesture to register a touch input on the screen
  • Animation for swiping right on the navigation bar using swipe gestures to open your most recently used app is glitchy. This glitchiness is even worse when you have Google Discover/Samsung News enabled on the left of the home page
Swiping right on the bottom of the screen has a glitchy animation.
  • Some widget open/exit animations are broken
  • Animation for editing a stack widget is bugged and sometimes laggy
  • Animation for exiting the stack widget edit menu is bugged
  • Some elements of the UI are white even when dark mode is enabled, such as the stack widget edit menu and the quick panel
  • Tapping and holding on an empty space in the home screen will sometimes glitch and bring you to the Google Discover/Samsung News toggle option instead of the home page you are currently on
  • Animation for tapping and holding on a home page is buggy
  • App splash screens aren't shown
  • Some Samsung apps have been renamed to no longer have "Samsung" or "Galaxy" in their names on the home screen, which is nice, but some apps haven't been renamed yet, such as: Galaxy Wearable, Samsung Health, Samsung TV Plus, Samsung Health Monitor
  • If an app's name is too long, it's name gets cut off
  • Some app shortcuts icons are inconsistent. Some are the normal One UI squircle icon shape, but others, usually from third party apps, are circle shape, or have no background at all. I've found two apps with this issue: YouTube Music's app shortcut icon is circle shape, and Amazon's app shortcut icons have no background. It should force all icons to have the normal squircle shape to be consistent
Camera shortcuts. It has the default One UI icon shape.

YouTube Music has circle icons for the shortcut.

Amazon doesn't have any background at all for their shortcuts.
  • Samsung Wallet swipe shortcut is laggy sometimes
  • When swiping up to open the Wallet shortcut while dark mode is enabled, the black background effect isn't fully black
  • There is no option to open Samsung Wallet via double pressing the side key in the settings
  • Camera app is sometimes slow
  • Some widgets designs are inconsistent with each other
  • Smart suggestions widget size doesn't look right, for example, a 4x2 smart suggestion widget has 4x3 (12) apps inside of it. In this case, I think it should have 4x2 (8) apps inside of the widget to be more consistent with the widget's size, similar to how it was before in One UI 5.1. See the image below to see what I mean
4x1 smart suggestions widget, has 4x1 apps.

4x2 smart suggestions widget, has 4x3 apps.
  • Stack widget exit animation is broken
  • Some widgets don't have animations, such as the smart suggestions widget and the new custom camera widget
  • When tapping and holding on a stack widget to change its size, it shows that you are able to change the widget's size, but depending on what widgets are inside, you can't actually change the size of it
This stack widget has 2 widgets, smart suggestions, and clock widget. It shows the 2 dots that show that you are able to change the size of this stack.


However, dragging it won't do anything. You can't change the size, but it shows the size changers anyways.

Can't make it smaller or bigger, even though it shows that I am able to.
  • In the add widgets menu, the smart suggestions widget preview image is glitched
The bottom part of the preview is glitched

Notifications and quick settings panel
  • The rounded corner overlay is glitched when dismissing notifications
The bottom part of the rounded corner overlay on notifications are bugged when swiping to dismiss them.
  • When opening the quick panel using either two finger swipe or the new instant access feature, the animation will sometimes glitch. In my experience, this happens more often when you swipe too fast
  • When opening the quick panel, you need to scroll down just a bit to be able to close it if you are either using button navigations, if the keyboard is present, or if you are in landscape mode. This may be different depending on the size of your phone's display
  • Quick panel animation is kind of buggy
  • Tapping and holding on some quick panel icons will take you to their settings page instead of opening a detailed page within the quick panel, which is kind of annoying
  • The new quick panel isn't very friendly for one-handed use
  • Some quick panel buttons can't be rearranged
  • Exiting the notification/quick panel is sometimes glitchy
  • Google will sometimes randomly trigger the microphone usage indicator (green dot), but nothing will show up on microphone usage logs in the security and privacy settings
  • Not sure if this is a bug, but Samsung Health now shows up in the background activity indicator in the recent apps menu. It didn't show up there before in One UI 5.1, but now it shows there and is able to be stopped from the menu
Samsung Health in background activities tab.
  • Startup time feels a bit slower
  • Battery drains a bit faster than it did on One UI 5.1
Those are all of the bugs and inconsistencies that I found in One UI 6 Beta 1. This new version of One UI looks somewhat promising, but there are some changes that I have mixed feelings for. For me, personally, I would describe One UI 5.1 as "almost perfect". I hope One UI 6 takes that to the next level. New features are cool, but optimization is important.
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Red Giant
For the lock screen widgets, here's what needs to be added.

• Next alarm time (next 24 hrs)
• Today's schedule
• Music
• Weather
• Bixby Routines
• Digital Wellbeing
• Voice Recorder

The Z Flip 5 has a wide variety of widgets on the cover screen. We want them to be used as lock screen widgets too.
• Full calendar
• Recent call list (not just the missed call count)
• Direct dial
• All alarms going off within the next two years (maximum)
• Stopwatch
• Countdown timer
• Step count
• SmartThings scenes
• Finance watchlist
• Apps quick launch (remember the nine dots button on Fold and Tab devices?)
• Daily activity
What a detailed post love your enthusiasm.
In case you didn't add
Google wallet, Good lock and Secure Folder to the list please add those.
Some of my swipe down notifications are in a white font🤔
Omg I hope samsung sees this thanks so much 😭
Cosmic Ray
Thanks for the detailed list of issues. Amazing to see them in one list. Have many of the same issues.
Cosmic Ray
This is an awesome list. Thank you for posting. Hopefully someone at Samsung sees this.
Beta Moderator


Thank you for your detailed feedback.

For any issues you encounter, please use the latest Samsung Members app to submit an error report (Samusng Members > One UI Beta Program > Beta Feedback > Error Report.

Note: To ensure relevant log information is included in the error report, submit the report within 3 minutes of encountering the bug or error, and do not terminate (swipe away) the Samsung Members application until you are notified that the report has been sent. This can take up to 5 minutes.

- To provide UX or UI-related feedback, such as usability or feature suggestions, select "Beta community > Suggestions" in the Beta recruitment notice of Samsung Members app.

We appreciate your contribution to the Beta Program.


One UI Beta Team

Let's also add this one to the list as you can see in the attached pic when you open dialer there is an empty area on the bottom right. The icons need to be centered. Screenshot_20230818_211127_Phone.jpg
Red Giant
I don't think so. That empty space is used for the delete key. That key should be dimmed when the number entry field is empty.Screenshot_20230820_023932_Phone_1000012428_1692524372.png