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uBreakiFix bricked my phone

(Topic created: 06-04-2024 04:37 PM)
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I'll cut to it, uBreakiFix are not Samsung certified and unable to repair flagship phones. Please do not use them, they poorly represent the Samsung brand.

I took a working Z Fold 4 to them, the inner screen had started to go black when fully opened.  The care plus team referred me to a uBreakiFix store.  I impressed on the tech that if he felt he couldn't handle this I would wait a few days and go to the Samsung store.  The phone worked perfectly in all respects when closed, and when open to no more than 90 degrees.  The phone was not damaged in anyway, I have a bomb proof case on it and treat it like gold.  The tech assured me no problem, but that he needed 4 hours.  OK, no worries, 4 hours later I return, my watch connects to my phone, I check messages, 20 minutes later he hands me a brick.  No apologies or excuses.

After a poor Google review a bot answered my review with a phone number (oh the irony) that puts you in a loop trying to force you to Amazon to buy a new phone.  No "dedicated team", just people with poor language skills reading from scripts.  The utter and complete disregard uBreakiFix has for its customers is breathtaking, and reflects very badly on Samsung, a brand I used to regard quite highly.

I took it to the Samsung store.  They opened it up and were horrified.  Ribbon cables shoehorned onto the wrong slots, modules in the wrong place, and the phone pressed together to close it irreparably damaging the mother board.  A lost cause.  I am unable to use smart switch or factory reset to get my data off the phone.  And this must have mostly happened at the last minute.

Please Samsung, do not have your care plus team send your customers to uBreakiFix.  This is just dreadful, I will never use uBreakiFix again, and make sure everyone I know knows why.  Samsung, your products and customers deserve better.  Your logo is all over the store, and they claim to be capable to handle any phone.  They cannot, are not certified, only having access to the Samsung tool set.  Without training this is not useful.

I am now a week long unable to work, slowly rebuilding on a replacement phone.  Using uBreakiFix has cost me well over $1000 in direct work even without the other losses I've incurred due to not being able to reach contractors etc...

Yours in despair and disgust,

Dr. Jonathan Dehn

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Which store? The one in Indy was great.
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My experience was similar when the inner screen's protective cover started bubbling when my Z Fold4 was almost a year old. UBREAKITIFIXEDIT said it would take a full day for a "free" replacement or that they would do it in an hour for $20. So I took it to them in the early morning and picked it up in the late afternoon. Five days later, the whole inner screen had bubbled far worse than when they repaired it the first time. They said very little when I brought in back in to repair their defective work. They graciously agreed to not charge me the standard $20 to replace it a second time.
Almost a year later my zfold4 phone hinge wouldn't open fully and I opted to have Samsung Care+ send me a replacement rather than trusting UBREAKITIFIXEDIT to repair it. I love the phone, but I'm sticking with Samsung refurbished to repair something that obviously isn't designed to be taken apart. I'm a loyal Samsung customer since the S4 phone and I'm waiting for the earlier problems to be resolved in the Z fold 6.