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Backup and Restore did not backup all files!

(Topic created: 06-19-2024 04:45 AM)
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Hi there, 

I am samsung user for quite sometimes, been thinking to switch to a new phone from S24 ultra line up. Can't decided yet about the storage capacity so I started to back everything up including my chat on Signal App, and the file is exists so I back up the phone on my computer and spend hours to backup and restore it. Once everything is done I noticed something was gone e.g the bookmarks website that I saved on home screen, my signal chat backup, notes, and some of my media that I saved on home screen. The one that messed me up was my chat history. 
I'll take anything if anyone can help restore my lost folder because samsung decide my signal chat backup folder was not important to be backup!
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I'm confused, did you buy a new phone and try to restore a backup you made to the new phone or did you backup your phone and restore the same backup to your current phone?

If you did the backup and restore to your current phone, you might try doing a factory reset, and upon re-setting up your phone, restore the Google backup (not Samsung) when prompted.  Google might, at the very least have your chat history if it hasn't been overwritten by your new configuration.  Otherwise, I'm sorry, it's lost.  I don't know about Signal, but your chat history is absolutely backed up by Samsung backup.

Honestly, though, I don't know why it would have taken hours to back up or restore. Were you using USB transfer, rather than wireless? 

If you have a new phone and restored the backup to the new phone, and you still have your old device with everything on it, then you can just transfer everything over via smart switch.