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Odd Apps Force Closing

(Topic created: 04-02-2024 08:06 AM)
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Have a Noye 10 Plus 5g phone that has occasionally since I've had it now a little over 3 yrs been closing all my open apps but this includes any I have "locked" to 'Keep Open' essentially & never close. This is happening when I press the bottom show Open Apps shortcut or whatever it's called which is gonna b in diff places for ppl but mines in the lower bottom far right corner next to the circle Home & Back keys we all should have. It should show app open incl those locked when I press it but for some strange reason like maybe 3 times a year, when I press that menu button it will suddenly stop showing the apps I have open which briefly flashes up but disappears really quickly closing em all & then says No open apps or whatever. It's the oddest thing cuz Ive been trying to see if it would actually ignore my locked app/don't close command which I had two just now & hit that button which closed everything imcl my locked apps I told it keep open or lock. I honestly didn't think it was gonna end up closing the locked apps but it literally just did it to me proving it's overriding that as well whatever is causing it.

Just a feeling is all somewhat educated one I guess haha but it feels like a programming glitch. I'm also on an older Samsung Galaxy Note 10 plus 5g I think the more name is SM-N976U & it has Android 12 One UI 4.1 I think it said with the last software updates. This may have been solved obv thru various updates but FYI in case it wasnt I guess to that dev group cuz it's quite odd but consistent & not regular if that makes any sense at all haha.
Anyways the only things that cause my phones to ever behave strangely for no reason is usually due to a hardware type failure or its code somewhere & usually that comes from changing things over time on a device & their other added apps we all like to use. The only other prob I've had is network connection type ones can cause strange behavior for no apparent reason for me cuz I'm on a weak signal tmobile 5g but it's weak nonetheless & I've seen it do weird things to my Device over the years. But thats all I can think of that would do this. It's done it since I got it. I've had it maybe 4 years already. Anyway fyi 
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Community Manager
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Hi 420bunny, Thanks for posting! We understand the concern with the apps force closing. Since it happening with multiple apps, have you tried clearing the cache partition on the phone?

1 Power off your device, so begin holding the Power button for a few seconds and tap two times on Power Off and then OK.

2 Once your phone is OFF, begin holding the Volume Up and Power keys simultaneously for a short while.

3 Let go of all the buttons when you see the Samsung logo, next you will see the Recovery Mode.

4 You should now be located in the Recovery mode, from this menu select "Wipe Cache" using the Volume keys to navigate and the Power button to accept it.

5 Affirm the process by selecting "Yes" and press the Power key once.

6 Finish the process by choosing "reboot system now" and confirming it with the Power button.

Let us know if this helps.