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Samsung Note 20 End of Life

(Topic created: 04-19-2024 11:32 PM)
Cosmic Ray
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It just came to my attention that the Note 20 won't be getting anymore updates soon? What is the story on all of this? I used to have Apple iPhone and the updates were discontinued resulting in apps nolonger working and as a result if you needed an app, you couldn't download it and use it because the IOS on my phone wouldn't support it. 

Since this Note 20 Ultra is my first Android and Samsung phone, what should I expect for life out of it? I purchased a phone that was more than I needed simply because I figured it would have a longer service life compared to my iPhones. Will this phone still be usable at the end of 2024 or into 2025? 

Yes when I purchased this phone in October of 2020 it was EXPENSIVE at $2100.00!!! A phone averaging an annual cost of $500 per year if you divide that amount per year only lasting 4 years is somewhat of a shock making me think you may as well just purchase a cheap **bleep** phone? 

My Note 20 is the North American version with the Snapdragon

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I'm still using my note 10 and it works fine 😂
Black Hole
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Your phone will be perfectly usable even without the OS updates. My understanding is security updates will still come down, so you won't own a brick. All the phone features and apps will work, you just won't get the advanced device features included in the OS/UI updates. Not everyone wants it needs those anyway.  There is a possibility that app creators might not keep any future app updates backwards compatible, but most older versions would still work anyway except, probably, finance apps eventually. It's not end of life; it's end of updates.

Originally, the phones were promised 3 years of updates (now I believe it's 5).  The cost of the phone is irrelevant because a) no one forced you to buy one at that price point, b) you admit you bought more than you needed at the time and c) Samsung makes many phones in a lower price range that fit most people's needs, with the same amount of updates as those in the higher price points.