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Any gesture to maximize floating app windows?

(Topic created: 06-17-2024 02:37 AM)
Galaxy S Phones
You know streaming apps like YouTube, Google Maps, etc while running, would be viewed as a floating on screen window (pop-up) when you switch to another app or just want to view the home screen in the mean time to do another task.

It looks like there is one annoying function that has been overlooked by the One UI designers and that is how you switch back to the first streaming app with a maximized screen view.

To maximize the floating window again, I can only tap on it so that 3 buttons show on top of it. The one at the top right corner is X to close the window and one to its left would be the maximize button. You can imagine how cumbersone would be to exactly touch those tiny button on top of an already small floating window. 

I thought it would be too primitive for the designers to include sign tap/swipe/pinch gestures to allow maximize and minimize or terminate the floating window, but NOPE! they have missed this one big time!

The best still not efficient workaround to maximize is to open quick function manu by swiping from the top of the screen and tap on the said app row to view it again in a maximized fashion.

Hope I am still missing some hidden gestures that a friend can let me know here but otherwise it would be much expected from the developers to add some gesture features into floating windows as soon as possible.
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