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AoD/lockscreen widgets in wallpaper and style?

(Topic created: 05-13-2024 07:17 AM)
Galaxy S Phones
Just got 6.1. What a baffling and inane decision to move always on lock screen/AOD widgets and customization to the wallpaper and style settings. No one's going to find it there organically (I only found it when reading the app store listing's description as I was going to leave a 1 star review) and it will be easily confused with the extended information widgets you can get by tapping the lockscreen clock, which can still be found under the main AOD settings page. Also baffling and ridiculous to move many of the customization options such as clock style and color into that section instead of leaving it in the AOD settings. It's confusing to users since logically and historically, that's been a unified hub for lock and AOD settings. 

Normally I roll my eyes at "update bad" complaints, but this is a legitimately bad and confusing change. The only end result here is people being under the impression that the AoD has simply suffered a massive regression in functionality when in actuality, everything except brightness is still there and it was just needlessly moved away. 
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