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Feature Request: Block list

(Topic created: 02-14-2024 06:43 PM)
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Spam and telemarketer are getting out of hand and having to add them to the block list daily its time consuming and tiring.

We know they are using a trunk phone system, and numbers will start as example 1800111. And the last 4 digits are always changing.

Id like to be able to just add to my block list 1800111****. 


"I am using AT&T which has an active armor feature for spam detection. However, it doesn't seem to be much different from other carriers' spam detection. The main issue is that it only allows you to add numbers one by one to the spam/telemarketer system.

If you don't add specific numbers to their system, you will continue to receive spam calls from new numbers. By using the carrier-specific app, you are basically reporting and adding these numbers to their servers only after they have been confirmed by multiple users, which can take some time.

Another problem is that if I block a spammer's number today, I might receive a call tomorrow from the same number but with different last 4 digits. This suggests that they have a truck phone system.

What I really need is the ability to block all numbers with a similar pattern, for example 1800111****, where * can be any number from 0 to 9. This way, I can block all 10,000 possible numbers with just a single entry instead of having to add them manually one by one as they come."
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This feature exists for carrier phones like TMobile's scam shield if it's pre-installed and it is free to use if you're on the T-Mobile network
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As the other poster said, T-Mobile has this feature. Probably most of the other carriers have something similar. Check the play store. There may be a third party app that can do this if your carrier doesn't have it. Or, you can switch to T-Mobile.

Actually, I see the Play Store offers T-Mobile scam shield for download. It does not seem to be carrier dependent. It does also appear other carriers have their own apps, as well as many third party apps.