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Secure folder notification at startup

(Topic created: 11-03-2022 08:52 PM)
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When i reboot my phone i will get a notification saying that you must unlock your Secure Folder in order to get notifications from apps inside your Secure Folder.

You cannot clear the notification and it will not go away till you unlock your Secure Folder.


More importantly, you really will not get any notifications from any apps in your Secure Folder unless you do unlock the Secure Folder after reboot. Once you unlock the folder you can go in and out of your phone after that and notifications will come through. But the next time you reboot your phone though you have to unlock your Secure Folder in order to get any future notifications.

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Below is the response I received from Samsung. They're not going to change the secure folder notification appearing when we reboot our phones.

"Thank you very much for your feedback.
We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience. This notification is a concept that was recently discussed with the security department to enhance the security of the security folder. Previously, when the device was unlocked after rebooting, it was provided to enable app operation (Notification, etc.) inside the security folder for the convenience of the user, but according to the analysis that this operation may be vulnerable to security of the security folder while the terminal is unlocked, it has been changed to enable app operation inside the security folder only when the user explicitly unlocks the security folder during rebooting. Therefore, if you do not unlock the security folder after rebooting, you will not be able to operate the internal app, so we will provide a guide noti for this. Please understand that this is a measure to strengthen the security of the secure folder, and the notification is displayed only when rebooted, and once released, it does not occur again."
Galaxy S Phones
Please give us an option to disable this notification. I don't necessarily want to unlock the folder when I reboot my phone. I will unlock it when I need it.