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Internal storage S21 Ultra full up to 20% just after 3 days

(Topic created: 07-02-2021 03:52 AM)
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Hello guys

I bought a new Galaxy S21 Ultra 512 GB just few days ago and the internal system storage was 11 GB at first day starting

Buy now , just after 2 or 3 days using this device , internal system storage increased to 50 GB 😳

Be consider please that I'm not talking about audio or video or documents files or installed apps

I'm just talking about the icon named "system" in internal storage analyzing 

I've got surprised why 19% of internal storage of my 512 GB new device , has gone just in 3 days

I must to explain that I'm not new customer with Samsung Galaxy S Series , it's almost 10 years that I'm using Galaxy S Series and I exactly know what I'm talking about

As you know , S21 Ultra doesn't able to add an external memory card , and I'm really upset that I see even a 512 GB device doesn't lock like something that introduced by Samsung

Although , new version of Device care app , installed by factory on this device doesn't allow the users to clean the storage by deleting unnecessary data , like old versions

I think this is a tricky from Samsung to make the devices useless just after a year , and push the customers to buy a new one just after one or two years

It's kind of dishonesty

Why Samsung should design an expensive device in a way that we couldn't add an external memory , or update the device care in a way that we could not clean and remove unnecessary data ?

Anyone here to guide me please ?

Or I must to make a short video in YouTube and Instagram and ask for guidance over there ?

I'll be so happy to hear from you and know more about this problem

You also can send me email as


Or my same email address registered for Samsung account , that is :


Or you can send to both email address please

I'm really anxious to hear from you , I don't want to miss your guidance


Saba , Toronto , 2 July 2021


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@userc8UDjudJ3U That is pretty normal system usage on a 512 GB device. Other users are reporting same across the web for S21 Ultras and my Note 20 Ultra 512 GB is similar. 

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You can clean out some .files like Trash and duplicates if you scroll down to the bottom of the Storage screen in Device Care.

Take a screen shot of your Storage, like mine below, and we'll see if anything looks off.

Remember that your device is syncing up with your old devices backup and apps which will also increase your Storage.
My Ultra is 6 months old and I don't see anything that concerns me.clipboard_image_1625228023394.jpg

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considering that the smart features take a lot of your info and adjust itself to your likings, I'm not too surprised that the storage is taken up quite a bit.

Being that you're concerned about the storage shortage you can resolve to backing up photos to clouds, auto deleting old messages, and manually going to trash and emptying out the unnecessary files.

Other than that, it seems pretty normal in my opinion. 

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Shouldn't have to pay for cloud storage. They're going to charge you. I don't know how much but you will have to pay if you use it. A card would have taken care of all that. Anyways, do what bill-e suggests first. It should give you some storage space
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if you're concerned with storage and don't want to go the cloud direction for storing ( i personally wouldn't blame you) you can always store your photos/videos on a external hard drive. a good 1tb is dirt cheap and can hold a ton of pics/vids.

i'm in agreement with the other posters above about your current GB situation sounding pretty normal.