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Will factory reset fix update issues?

(Topic created: 05-12-2024 03:40 PM)
Cosmic Ray
Galaxy S21
I have a Galaxy s21 and I got thru eBay, was T-Mobile and I went to straight talk. So phone has not updated os since dec. 2022, called T-Mobile called Samsung and straight talk. Only thing offered was to send it to Samsung and pay. My question is can I change my service provider or baseline version because they don't match? Also could this be solved by reset. I had thought about flashing on but cand get software. I'm a 30 year IT worker and I'm out of ideas. There has to be a solution. Please help 
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Galaxy S21
Well, depending on if you still have the og operating system. Updates have changed that configuration and permissions.if your tech savy you can down landlord a multi language permission manager ( also great to have with checking up on viruses) and get the apps that block your needs from working. And or turn on features wanted. The only downside is that they seem to operate on two planes in the phone and permissions reset back to settings you don't want, which can be irritating if other apps change them.